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4 Nights in Palm Springs, CA

The continuation of our 30(ish) day west coast adventure! If you missed the first part, head here to read all about our 2 Days in Arizona.

Up next on our list of destinations was Palm Springs, California! The home of Coachella and date shakes. We stopped in Palm Springs as a midway point between Phoenix and San Diego and spent way too many nights there. If you're thinking about visiting, I'd dedicate 2-3 nights max!

Day 3:

Happy hour at El Jefe Tequila Bar(are you guys seeing a trend yet?) then a Palm Springs classic walnut date shake at @greatshakesps 😋 We then drove around admiring the landscape and were able to drive right up to the base of a Mount San Jacinto. It may look like just a hill from the last pic but trust me, it’s huge. Also, when traveling in the desert make sure to drink lots of water(which is much better in Palm Springs than in Phoenix)! Ya girl had a big ol headache that night. 🙃

p.s. be prepared to see the same outfits on repeat this month. I packed in a carry-on. Cut me some slack 😜

Day 4:

We had already come to realize there’s not enough to do in Palm Springs to spend a whole 4 nights there but 🤷🏻‍♀️. I laid out in the sun and tried to get a tan, we got frozen coffee from Bluebird Days and walked down Palm Canyon Dr (which is beautiful btw), we drove past the wind farm, and stayed up real late to eat pizza in Joshua Tree National Park in the middle of the night and see the Milky Way ✨ 🌌

Day 5:

Was laid back 🧘🏻‍♀️ like I said, we had run out of things to do since it was too hot for hiking and we didn’t care to buy an expensive spa package from a hotel - especially since Two Bunch Palms wasn't open yet. So we slept in, I pretty much won a pour off with Nick, we ate the yummiest tacos with a view at @lococharlies 🌮🌄, and then watched Maleficent in our Airbnb.


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