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A Reflection on 2020

December has brought me a lot of things as you may know if you follow me on social media. Some being my 23rd birthday(GOAT year ya know), graduation from the University of Miami, and a new living arrangement- not to mention Christmas and the day marking one year until I marry my best friend. But perhaps the most important thing December of 2020 has brought me is gratitude.

I was driving when I thought about writing this post and I was thinking about how I really can’t believe I’m engaged. Do you know how long I looked forward to being engaged? As a little girl, I would longingly admire the rings of the women around me and dream of how amazing it must be to 1. Have a gorgeous diamond on your finger(let’s be real) and 2. Spend the rest of your life with the person you chose to love out of everyone in the entire world. Now here I am, casually driving with my dream ring on my finger and my dream man in the passenger seat. Right now, I am where I had always dreamed of being. Not only that, but I will be starting a dream job in January, I can travel and explore the world as I please, and we’re looking to buy the home where we will start our family. What more but we are blessed with near perfect health and are surrounded by loving friends and family. Now, I’m not writing this to brag but rather to remind myself of how thoroughly God has blessed me. My life is far from perfect as is every human’s. I have days when I cry more than I’d like to admit and when I lose perspective entirely. But if I don’t take the time to reflect on the good rather than the bad, I would be miserable!

This post is more for me than it is for those of you reading it but if you gain anything from it, let me encourage you to write out and reflect on what God has blessed you with in 2020 before moving on to making resolutions and goals for 2021. Amidst the illness and the loss, the financial strain and the emotional strain, let us try to remember 2020 as the year we learned to be grateful for what we have and not to take things for granted. That’s something I most certainly did not know how to do at the beginning of this year. Let it be the year we endured, we became stronger and more resilient than we ever thought possible.

Peace out, 2020.

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