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Engagement Shoot: Georgia Style

If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw the incredible results of our engagement photoshoot in Georgia, not because I'm Insta famous or anything but because I've posted about it three times now(lol). I thought I'd write this post to give some inspo to future brides out there who don't know where to start(because I sure as heck didn't). Everything was thrown together in very little time and here's why.

Nick proposed to me on Friday August 28th, 2020 and we had a flight to Georgia scheduled for Wednesday September 2nd to visit my dad and family and to go to the Kentucky Derby(which we ended up not going to because of COVID but that's a whole other story). We told my mom's side of the family the very next day and decided to wait until we arrived in Georgia to tell my dad.

The Venue

It was probably around Monday that I had the idea of doing a photoshoot in Georgia since the scenery is so beautiful and the vineyards were in season. I had been obsessing over the Chateau Elan's Instagram for months and knew it would be absolutely perfect. I reached out to them and inquired about what would be required of me to do a shoot there. It was a $150 fee and some liability waivers and we were all set.

The Photographer

Finding a photographer was not an easy task. I tried a few apps and wedding websites before finally resorting to a good ol' Instagram search. That's when I found Andrea Miclea at Heirloom Foto & Film. I instantly fell in love with her work and she was able to work out a package that fit our small budget for both photo edits and a short 45 second video clip for $550.

The Inspo

Andrea and I worked together on creating a Pinterest board (which was previously a secret board) and I was absolutely ecstatic. My mom and stepmom also added some inspo pins in there too.

The Outfits

I thought I'd just wear something I already owned until Tuesday evening I found out that one of my favorite online boutiques had opened a brick and mortar that day just a few blocks away from me. I knew I absolutely had to go! I DMed their page asking if they had any XS items that might work for an engagement shoot and they replied right away ensuring that they still had tons of items in stock after their grand opening. So on my lunch break the next day, the day of our flight out to Georgia, I hurried over to Aria Rose and with the help of the owner Lauren and her sweet mom, I found two of the most beautiful and perfect rompers(I couldn't decide on one so I bought both). Nick wore a white button down(from my dad's closet...shhhh) and a pair of olive green slacks and brown boat shoes from Target. I wore a pair of white chunky heels I had from before from Shein.

The Look

I did my own makeup and had my hair done by the wonderful Lesli from Panda Made This.

So that's how it all came together! Not too complicated, nothing too fancy. Now, if you don't mind, I'm going to resume drooling over these pics.


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