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Engagement Shoot: Miami Style

I know what you're thinking, ummm who has two engagement shoots? Well, let me explain. If you read my previous post, you know that I love the Georgia greenery. But we're from Miami! We needed some Miami vibes in our engagement pictures, don't you think? I reached out to Patty from PS Photography + Films and asked if she had a package for a mini engagement shoot. She didn't but she did have an incredible vision for what would be a kick-butt photoshoot! All we had to do was rent a sailboat and she'd take care of the rest(and take care of the rest she did!). Patty had wardrobe, hair, and makeup arranged for me. I felt like a celebrity! Talk about Miami style, right? She also created a whole look book for both me and Nick and timeline for the day of the shoot. I'll give you an idea of what that looked like:


Isa(aka the Glaminator) arrived at my place for hair and makeup. When Isa arrived, we momentarily had a power outage which would not have been good but thankfully the power came right back on. We chatted the whole time and she did an incredible job. We did beachy curls and a neutral color palette. I was so happy with the look!


We all arrived at Rickenbacker Marina and met Claudio from Get My Boat who was so sweet and accommodating. I got changed into my first wardrobe piece from Genavieve at Private Label Styles which was a beautiful black gown that she designed herself.


We departed from the dock but didn't go far. In fact, we literally went back and forth in and out of the marina to keep the view of the Miami skyline in the background for the first look. Sidebar: we even saw a boat crash! I was totally shaken for a moment but once we realized no-one was injured, we carried on with the shoot and I did my best to shake it off.


Around this time, we switched looks and got into a more boho vibe. Isa changed up my hair and refreshed my makeup and Genavieve put me in a beautiful handmade Private Label Styles coverup that resembled a fishing net lined with seashells. I wore a bikini from The Beach Bride by Chic Parisien that was a pretty ivory color and matched perfectly with the look. Meanwhile, Claudio was steering us out into the ocean.


The boho shoot was at golden hour which means we were shooting with the beautiful sunset on the horizon. The colors were amazing and the ocean welcomed us out there with calm waves. It was a beautiful end to the day!

Some honorable mentions:

My sister Sophie was on board and helped us feel comfortable(while enjoying the views herself). My dad & stepmom "sponsored" the sailboat rental(thanks again guys!).

A special thank you again to Patty, Isa, and Genavieve for this incredible experience! We now get to look back at these photos forever!

Now, let's see those pictures!


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