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It's a love story, baby just say yes!

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Guess what? I'm typing this with a ring on my finger! YES! The most perfect ring I've ever seen, too. Nick proposed to me! It's been almost three weeks now and I am certainly still not over it. I can't believe we are engaged, fiancé and fiancée. The way he did it was so meaningful and intimate, just the two of us. I can't wait to tell you how it went down so here I go!

A little background first that's relevant. Nick and I met at the University of Miami during my freshman year and his senior year. It's pretty cute and is one of my favorite stories to tell. I was sitting at a bench in Dooly Memorial(Canes will know) waiting for one of my classes when a class was dismissed from upstairs. A big group of students funneled down the stairs in front of me and I locked eyes with a total babe. Ya know love at first sight? Like that. He continued down the stairs and I averted my gaze back down to a Kate Spade surprise sale on my phone but kept my attention on him. He started for the parking lot and did a full 180 turn and sat down on the bench beside me. I had headphones in so I took them out as an invitation for him to strike up a conversation ;) smooth right? But we ended up sitting like that for what felt like an silence. I was thinking "ummm I have class in like 10 minutes, is this guy going to talk to me or what?" He finally stood up and walked over to me, stretched out his hand and said "excuse me, my name is Nicholas..." and the rest is history. I was late to class that day and when I finally did sit down, I was obsessing over his Instagram page(which I easily found in like 2 minutes). My first thoughts were "OMG this guy has washboard abs and ocean blue eyes, did I just find my future husband?" I did something pretty uncharacteristic of me and initiated our first date which ended up being the very next day. That was Thursday September 29, 2016.

Fast forward to the week of August 28, 2020. We were having an incredibly awesome week. That Monday, I got the official full-time offer from my internship and I surprised Nick with tickets to the Kentucky Derby for his 26th birthday. We were on such a high that day that Nick would have proposed to me that evening had he not forgotten that the ring was at his mom's. Everything happens for a reason though! He told me he had a surprise for me for Friday so ya girl got a lash lift and manicure on Thursday. I called my sister on Friday morning and told her I had a feeling Nick was going to propose to me, a woman's intuition! That evening, I got dressed up in my new Rent the Runway dress and we pregamed at our apartment. We hopped on a freebee and headed to our reservation at Fleming's(very fancy). Nick had called ahead and said we were celebrating so they had two glasses of champagne ready for us and a sweet card. The food and service were phenomenal. Our waitress Isabella made us feel like royalty and kept the complimentary glasses of champagne coming. It is safe to say that between the champagne and the pregaming we had done, I left the restaurant feeling beyond happy. We went back to the apartment in a freebee and got in Nick's car. That's when he blindfolded me. I think you deserve to see this gem:

Blindfolded(and tipsy) Nick drove me around Coral Gables for who knows how long. He knows that I have a very good internal map and he didn't want me to figure out where we were headed. Funny enough though, when we initially got in the car, he asked me where I thought we were going and I said "we're going to UM." As we drove around in circles(sometimes literally because of Coral Gables's roundabouts), I literally tried to allow myself to get lost. I urged Nick to keep talking to me and at one point I really thought we were all the way in Kendall but then we went around a roundabout and I knew exactly where we were again. When Nick finally parked the car, I was genuinely disoriented(and now nervous). Nick guided me this way and that and I decided we surely were not at UM...until Nick sat me down at our bench. I knew instantly that it was our bench even though Nick tried to make it seem like he was trying to reorient himself. When I finally took off the blindfold, I opened my eyes to find Nick at the top of the staircase just like that first time we met. He said things that neither one of us remember and before I knew it, he was in front of me on one knee opening a ring box revealing the most beautiful ring I've ever seen. I nodded my head and held back tears as he swooped me up in celebration. Turns out, he got the whole thing on video but that's for our eyes and ears only. I will share this sweet screenshot though:

So that's how it happened! I'm now engaged to the man of my dreams and we could not be happier. I hope that sharing this news has been able to bring some joy and distraction during a time of such low spirits. We've been on cloud 9 over here and know that many around us have much more solemn preoccupations. We feel incredibly blessed and have been surrounded by love.

Now get ready for some wedding planning posts! Ya girl has been waiting and planning for this time her whole life.


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