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Mile High City Surprise

Updated: Jul 27, 2020

Earlier this year, before COVID-19, Nick and I were convinced that we’d be moving to Denver come January 2021. Why, you ask? Wanna hear it, here it goes.

I snagged an incredible internship this summer, my very first one and what will certainly be my last one since I am expected to graduate in December. It’s a pretty selective program and I think what boosted my ratings was the fact that I’ve successfully founded and run my own business for the past two years. That’s really the only experience I could offer and I flaunted it as my pride and joy. It must’ve worked because I ended up having two different internship positions offered to me from two different business units, sales and product operations. Being that I am an Industrial Engineering major, I gravitated toward the Product Operations position which would have been based in Denver. Fate would have it that my best friend also had big plans to move to Denver in July. That led Nick and I to conclude that Denver most certainly would be our destination city after I graduate as it would provide me a job and would also be home to my best friend.

Fast forward to today, I’m halfway through my internship, working remotely of course(thanks again, COVID) but absolutely loving it and making the most out of it anyway. We have new

plans for January that allow us to have the best of all worlds(more on that later, hint: it involves an RV). I’m on a plane(with a mask) to go visit said best friend whose birthday is on Sunday. She has no idea we’re coming. It’s going to be epic. I’ve been texting her boyfriend all week and we have a solid plan. I hope she hasn’t been snooping through his messages! We’re going to catch an Uber to their house and just knock on the door. We’re also going to go camping Saturday night into her birthday. I told you, it’s going to be epic. I’ll make sure to fill you in on our camping experience as it’ll be our first time. Remind me to tell you about the cool camping rental service I found called Arrive!

I’m also finally going to meet some of my teammates in person! We have a happy hour date set up (at an outdoor location where we will be very careful, I promise). Our manager was half excited half highly concerned because she’s on our company’s COVID task force and doesn’t want us getting sick! I’m fully excited. I usually plan trips down to the t. Every meal, activity, and destination is always carefully arranged in TripAdvisor. However, with COVID unexpectedly having most fun stuff closed, I’m happy to just chill on this vacation and enjoy time with my bestie. I’ll be sure to log everything we do end up doing though so you won’t be left out!

Update: we arrived at my best friend’s house at around 11pm last night after our flight. I texted her boyfriend when we landed and hadn’t heard back from him(thank GOD I had their address already). They were dead asleep and we were locked out LOL. It took a good 20-30 minutes of us banging on the front door, non-stop calling their phones, throwing mulch at the window, and even hosing the window hoping they’d hear all the ruckus. Finally her boyfriend called me back and we were in! We walked into her room and woke her up. She was so shocked! All she could say was, “what the f***k?!” Definitely a memorable, Welcome to Denver!


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