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I Proposed to my Fiancé(yes, you read that right)!

Updated: Jan 12, 2021

During our treehouse vacation(post coming soon) in Dahlonega, I did something that’s quite uncommon: I proposed to my fiancé! But, why?

To be completely honest, I saw the idea on Instagram first. Some girl on the explore page proposed to her fiancé soon after he proposed to her and I thought it was so sweet. I thought about how much my Nick would likely love an intimate moment like that where I profess my love for him and confirm that he, too, wants to marry me! Since he is quite the manly man, I checked with him before planning a little something to ensure he wouldn’t feel weird or anything(wouldn’t want it to end up being awkward lol). I also thought about how strange it is that a woman is walking around with a ring for months flaunting the fact that she’s engaged and men have nothing.

I had two separate plans for the proposal and good thing too because I chickened out of the first one! I didn’t just chicken out because I was nervous (even thought I definitely was) but also because I felt like the moment was more catered to me than to him. The backup plan was much better.

Plan 1 was a surprise road trip to Saint Petersburg’s Dali Museum for the Van Gogh Alive exhibit. I had grand expectations but the drive was long! It was on January 1st and we had just wrapped up our staycation in Brickell for NYE. The museum was beautiful and the exhibit was nice but not what I had expected(more on that in an upcoming post). If you watched Emily in Paris, you know what I mean. Instead, it was an hour long video of the different works of art animated and we only got to see our favorite painting, Starry Night, once even though we tried to catch it on three different occasions(don’t worry, though. We’ve seen the real thing at the MoMA in NYC). See, the Starry Night is pretty special for us. Our first date was stargazing at Miami Beach where we bonded over our mutual love and fascination of outer space. We had a print of the painting in our bedroom and traveled together to NYC on our very first solo vacation as a couple to see it at the Museum of Modern Art. Anyway, although it was nice and quite romantic, it wasn’t his vibe.

Plan 2 was a proposal during our treehouse cabin trip in Dahlonega, GA. I had the ring in a perfect little woodsy box with moss in it and it matched the vibe so well but it was quite big and I was worried he’d notice it in the pocket of my cardigan. I brought it along on our walk to explore the woods around our treehouse (the day was January 4th by the way) and several times he hugged me which made me so nervous! I thought to myself, “so this is what men go through when they’re about to propose! The anxiety!” I thought he for sure had felt the box but turns out he thankfully hadn’t. The first opportunity I had, I totally missed because I got nervous again and didn’t know what to say. The second opportunity, I just let it out! Turns out, we were standing between two big beautiful trees that were growing alongside each other. It felt like the perfect symbol of our love and engagement. The intimate details are for our ears only but he said yes! Now, I’m totally obsessed with seeing him with a ring on his finger. We are officially fiancé and fiancée! 🤍💍

Would you ever propose to your man? It was quite empowering and I highly recommend it!


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