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Summer of the RV with RVshare

I hear it is the year of the RV! With COVID-19 making air-travel and cruises less than ideal, those of us who always have an unquenched wanderlust are left to resort to road trips. I have a love-hate relationship with road trips to be quite honest. It just occurred to me how romantic they sound and I'm thinking that may be what attracts me to them; the endless winding roads, the ever-changing vistas out the window, the wind in my hair, the sunroof open, my favorite road trip playlist playing, seemingly endless possible destinations at the turn of a wheel. But then there's the butt-aches from sitting for so long and the constant desire to stretch out my legs! This is precisely why I am a huge fan of RVs. Now, I know they say you're not technically supposed to walk around in an RV while in motion but isn't it nice to be able to just grab a snack from the refrigerator really quick or take a little bathroom break without tacking on time to your ETA? It is, isn't it?

My family has always had RVs, at least that's what they say. I swear my grandparents did it ALL before I was born. They had boats, RVs, beach apartments, then I came around and they shut down the fun. Just kidding, my fam is super fun. I digress. We love a good family RV trip but we've always gone with the classic Cruise America rental(and don't get me started on some of the colorful experiences we've had). This year, we're changing it up because I found a site that I consider to be the best thing since sliced bread: RVshare. When I plan a vacation, I thoroughly assess all of the options to ensure I get the best bang for my buck. I was on the Cruise America site and was just about ready to book when I thought, ya know what? I feel like this is a little pricey. Maybe there's another RV rental service out there. *DUN DUH DA DA* (trumpet entrance) Enter RVshare.

I found RVshare and instantly fell in love for a number of reasons. The top three being that it is significantly cheaper, the RVs are so much nicer with an insanely large selection, and you're supporting regular families who have RVs that are going unused. To give you a better idea of just how much savings we're talking, booking with Cruise America would have cost upwards of $1,000 for a Thursday to Monday trip(they're closed on Sundays) for a standard motorhome that sleeps 5. The trip I've just booked with RVshare has come out to $500. Y'all, that is HALF! Bear in mind, the RV I've rented is a fifth-wheel which requires a truck with a tow capacity of at least 10,000 and a tow package but you can even get a beautiful Class-A RV for $750 still saving yourself a hefty $250. Can you believe they even do monthly rentals AND delivery? I mean, if my post hasn't convinced you that the next time you go on a road trip, you need to use RVshare, then I don't know what will! Wait, maybe once you see how beautiful the inside of the RV we rented is! (p.s. it's for sale)

I mean, just look at that thing! Kitchen island, bunk room, outdoor kitchen, washer and dryer(not pictured)! Everything you could want in a home but on wheels. Bear in mind, parking it was no easy feat(let's not even talk about parking it at 3am in pitch black darkness, but more on that in the next blog post). Dustin, our host, was incredibly kind and helpful as well.

Now, back to that towing situation. Here, I want to give the biggest shoutout to Wes and his incredible team at Wayne Akers Truck Rental. First, let me just say I searched high and low for a car rental company in Miami-Dade County that supplies fifth-wheel hitches and allows you to tow and could find NONE. I found Wayne Akers Truck Rental after a good amount of digging, calling, and emailing. We rented one of their 2019 Diesel Ford F-250 XLTs which came fully equipped with the hitch needed for towing our huge fifth wheel. I have never in my life encountered a friendlier and more kind group of employees. We had a mixup with the hitch we had requested(totally not their fault) and they stayed after hours to install the correct hitch for us. Not only that, but Wes really knows how to treat his customers. He and his team went above and beyond. Our truck rental for the weekend, miles and all, came out to somewhere around $650. Keep in mind that this does make this experience more expensive than Cruise America, but for us it was worth it for the experience. So if you don't have a truck and you want to have a fifth wheel or travel trailer experience, look no further than Wayne Akers Truck Rental. Seriously.

As always, thanks for reading! I appreciate your support! If you like this blog post, hit the heart below and drop a comment if you've ever had a colorful RV rental experience.

Stay tuned for a blog post all about our RV adventure, where we stayed, what we did, and how we kept ourselves entertained on the drive!


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