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Working Out Safely w/ Alexo Athletica

Updated: Aug 6, 2020

Now, I know that sounds like a fancy spin of my middle name into a workout clothing brand(or at least, I think so), but Alexo Athletica is actually an incredible, new Concealed Carrywear company I have discovered for safely carrying weapons. I can't tell you how important it is for women to be safe when exercising alone outdoors. A Runner's World Survey showed that 84% of women "have experienced some kind of harassment while running that left them feeling unsafe." Brands like Alexo Athletica reduce that fear and risk by allowing women to carry whatever weapon they feel safe carrying, be it pepper spray, a switch blade, or a firearm.

As you may know if you read my previous post about my new routine, I wake up at 4am and go for a morning walk at 5am and then an evening walk at 8pm(yes, I walk, my body was not made for running, okay?). At 5am, there's not a lick of sunlight. In fact, it can get pretty eery even though Nick comes with. We opt for walking the busier streets nearby for our morning walk as opposed to the quiet neighborhood streets that we stick to in the evenings to be safe. It makes us feel so much better to have a method of defense we can rely on if we ever come face to face with a threat.

My firearm felt so perfectly secure and snug in both the Carry Runners and the Biker Shorts, I had no doubt that it was safe and that I could run all over town with it. If carrying a firearm isn't your MO, you have 7-8 pockets to fill with other items such as your phone, keys, pepper spray, switch blade, wallet, or whatever else you can fit!

I recently joined Team Alexo as a brand ambassador and could not be more excited and honored! As an ambassador, I get to share with you, my lovely, loyal readers, a special 10% of discount code. You can use the code "AlexoMia10" at checkout for 10% off. This past week, I ordered my very first pairs of shorts and got the Summer Camo Carry Runners and the Orchid Biker Shorts. Next up on my wishlist are the Tuck & Carry Skirt and the Deep Wisteria Carry Legging. I'm also very glad that I had seen one of their Instagram stories about the fact that it's common to hear lots of cracking of the elastic when first stretching out your items because mine cracked a lot. I'm an XS and considered ordering up but you definitely want the items to fit you snug so that your weapon stays safely in place. When I order another pair of Carry Runners, I'll likely try a S but I'll definitely stay with the XS in the Biker Shorts.

I want to add that I in no way profit from ranting and raving about Alexo Athletica. I just truly and wholeheartedly believe in the value their products can bring to protecting women worldwide who just want to go for runs and walks and not have to constantly worry about who/what lies around the bend.

Let me know if you end up trying their products and if you love them just as much as I do!


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